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    Car Accidents

    When injured in a car accident in which you were the victim of a negligent, dangerous or reckless driver, it is vital that you contact a lawyer at once


    According to NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration), more thank 280,000 rollover accidents are reported each year, claiming more than 10,000 lives annually 

    Injured by Drunk Driver

    When one of these irresponsible drivers causes an accident and injuries are the result, it requires the assitance of a Texas drunk driving accident lawyer at once

    Slip and Fall Accidents

    A  property owner has a responsibility to maintain the premises in a reasonable manner. If the hazard which caused the accident was known to or should have been known to the poperty owner and wasn't corrected this would likely consitute negligence.

    Brain and Spinal Injury

    We awareof the importance of the case to the client and makes every effort to fight for fair and full compensation for the damages you have suffered

    Work Injury

    When an accident in the workplace happens fault may lie with the employer or a piece of equipment which is in use in the workplace. Defective equipment and products can be a source of severe injury for an employee

    Construction Accidents

    Constructions sites, especially large commercial contrsuction jobs, are more hazardous than the average workplace with heavy equipment, large trucks arriving with deliveries, being unloaded and then leaving, sub-contractors coming and going, inexperienced co-workers

    Pedestrian Accidents

    Many pedestrian accidents is that they are caused by driver negligence, If you or someone you known was 

    Defective Products

    Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

    Wrongful Death

    A wrongful death is the result of negligence or wrongful action on the part of another

    Wrongful Termination

    There are many things to consider when you've been terminated, wrongfully or otherwise. You may want to find out about the law. A "wrongful termination" is one in which an employer has discharged or laid off an exployee in violation of a legal right of the mployee. It is not enough for the employee to simply show that he/she was treated unfairly but the person must show that the firing was 'wrongful' meaning one or more legal rights were violated                                      

    Refinery Accidents

    Negligence is often at the top of the list of reasons for industrial injuries and refinery accidents. When safety rules and equipment standards fall behind, refinery workers’ lives are put at risk.