Wrongful Death

Death and the loss of a loved one are difficult under every circumstance, but perhaps never so much so as when it was preventable and caused by the negligent acts of somebody else. Though it may seem wrong or impossible to put a value on your loved one’s life, the legal system recognizes that this type of loss has a financial impact on those who are left behind, and that is why wrongful death lawsuits can be filed.

Wrongful death can be the result of many different types of situations. A loved one may have been killed in a vehicle accident involving a car, truck or motorcycle. Their death may have been the result of medical malpractice, a construction or workplace accident, a slip and fall or even as a result of a defective product. Whatever the cause of your loved one’s death, if it is a result of somebody’s lack of responsibility or negligence then the person or entity that is responsible is liable for the damages that you have suffered, and James Kennedy has the experience and legal know-how that you need to make them pay.

Wrongful death lawsuits can be filed by anybody who was financially dependent on the person who has died. In most cases this is the spouse, partner or child of the victim, though in some cases other family members such as siblings or parents may be eligible to file a claim as well. A wrongful death claim can be filed even in situations where a criminal court has found the person behind your loved one’s death innocent of a crime – even if their actions are not criminal, they may have been negligent, and this still makes them liable for your loss.

A wrongful death claim cannot bring back the person who you have lost, but it can go a long way towards making sure that you are not victimized financially. Damages that can be recovered from the responsible party include any related medical expenses, hospice, funeral and burial expenses, the loss of projected future income and financial contributions, and emotional damages. Though it may feel too difficult to put yourself through the challenges of filing a lawsuit following the trauma of your loved one’s loss, it is important that you take care of yourself and make sure that your rights are protected. James Kennedy has extensive experience in representing the families of wrongful death victims, and he will work hard to make sure that your claim is filed within the appropriate time limits and that your rights are protected.

Wrongful death means that your loved one’s death was the direct responsibility of another person or entity that did not show enough care to stop them from taking another’s life. James Kennedy will help you get justice for your loved one, and the compensation that you need to carry on.

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