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Many individuals do not really know why they should hire a lawyer in a personal injury case or with regard to an insurance claim. Simply put, a legal professional understands insurance claims through years of education and experience, and can address the claim on behalf of the client without losing certain types of damages that most individuals may not be aware even exist. Some injured individuals have accepted settlements in car accident cases or other serious accident cases that are far lower than they may have received with a Texas personal injury attorney fighting on their behalf. At the James Kennedy PLLC., our legal team thoroughly reviews the details of your case and can advise you what claims can be made, based on the degree of injury and other losses suffered in your specific case.
Choosing an lawyer is a difficult task in the average circumstances, but choosing a lawyer becomes even more troublesome when you or a loved one are injured. Personal injury lawyers are involved in this line of work for different reasons and it they are to mainly deffend you in a time of need and vunerability, they can be focused on your interests with out going through the emotional rollecoaster you are.

Why Choose Us


ALWAYS 100% FREE injury claim evaluation.

A good personal injury lawyer has just the opposite motivation from that of the insurance company. We want to ensure that you know your rights before you settle your case. We wont charge you for your case evaluation, consultation is free and we will analize all possible routes to take, advising and giving you the best road to take in your case.




We stand for integrity and demand for justice to happen

Know Your Rights! Hire a Lawyer Who Wants You to win for you not for him. Here at the James Kennedy Law Firm we wont collect Attorneys Fees unless we win.


Even if we have to go to court. We will protect your best interest.

Choose a lawyer who actually takes cases to trial when the insurance company refuses to pay a fair settlement. You need and deserve to have a lawyer who has spent time in the courtroom in front of a judge and jury; a lawyer who knows how to prepare a case for trial, and who knows how to present evidence to a jury. A good trial lawyer knows that some cases need to be tried, while other cases should never go to trial. You need a lawyer who understands the difference


Do not wait, call us and ask!!

The most important thing is to not wait too long before contacting a lawyer if you have an accident or injury claim. This is because there are time limits on bringing claims; we usually call them statutes of limitation. These time limits may vary from state to state, and they sometimes vary based on the type of claim involved.

Satisfied Customers

Unlike other attorney's James Kennedy actually met with me in person. I didn’t have to follow a chain of command! I got great service and James took the time to walk through the process step by step, I was always informed... Highly Recommended!

Personal Injury Client

James Kennedy is more than just an attorney, he actually cared about my case. His follow through was the best I have ever experienced. He was very professional, experience, punctual, but more importantly he got me results for my injuries. There is not a better personal injury attorney in the El Paso area.

Personal Injury Client