A rollover is a particularly frightening kind of car accident in which an automobile actually rolls onto its side or onto its roof. In some cases a rollover results from a vehicle being physically pushed, as is the case in an extremely forceful collision. In other cases rollovers occur when the vehicle becomes unstable. This may be caused when the driver is travelling at too high a rate of speed, by the driver’s faulty steering or by ground conditions, but all too frequently rollover accidents are the result of a defect of the vehicle itself.

Rollover accidents are responsible for the deaths of approximately 10,000 people every year in the United States, and many, many more are severely injured. Some of the 200,000 people who are injured in rollover accidents each year end up paralyzed or suffering from traumatic brain injuries; others suffer broken bones, internal injuries and other debilitating effects. Studies have shown that the engineering of sport utility vehicles, which tend to be top heavy, makes them far more likely to be involved in a rollover accident. In fact, the Ford Motor Company was sued by a million people in a class action lawsuit that held them responsible for the tendency of their Explorer vehicle to roll. Other lawsuits against car manufacturers have resulted in multi-million dollar awards for victims of rollover accidents.

Because rollover accidents involve such violent and wrenching action, deaths are far more likely than in other types of collisions – in fact, nearly one third of all auto accident fatalities involve a vehicle that has rolled onto its side or roof. When a vehicle rolls onto its roof, the roof frequently collapses, bringing the full weight of the vehicle down onto the helpless passengers. When the crash involves an SUV the results are even more damaging because of the extra bulk of the vehicle. Though the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has suggested remedies to strengthen roof engineering, many manufacturers have not made these changes, putting passengers and drivers at risk of catastrophic injury.

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